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SparkCharge: A New Approach To Charging EVs Anywhere

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An interview with SparkCharge. (Image: SparkCharge)

What Problem Are You Solving?

At SparkCharge we are creating the world’s first mobile and intelligent on-demand EV charging infrastructure. We believe that removing the charging limitations faced by EV owners, we can help accelerate EV adoption.

Problems with existing infrastructure include:

  • Lack of infrastructure is holding back sales of electric vehicles
  • Electric vehicle owners hate slow chargers
    – 90% of all charging stations are slow level 2 charging
  • Electric vehicle range is cut up to 40% in cold weather climates, requiring more frequent and longer charges
  • Fixed charging stations are often inaccessible because they are blocked, damaged, or out of order
  • Most Americans live in apartments or multi-unit dwellings that don’t offer EV charging, making it almost impossible to own an EV.

How Big Is The EV Infrastructure Problem?

It’s no secret that we do not have the infrastructure to support mass electric vehicle adoption in the United States. It may take decades to install enough public chargers to support this movement and then we will have far too many underserved communities, like inner cities and rural areas.

How Are You Attacking This Infrastructure Problem?

At SparkCharge we have built the world’s first mobile electric vehicle charging network, single-handedly creating Charging as a Service (CaaS). The Currently app allows EV owners the freedom to charge whenever and wherever they want, giving them countless hours back. Subscribers can have their EVs charged wherever they want, at the parking lot at work, in their driveways, or even at the park.

How Does Your Tech Work?

SparkCharge manufactures the Roadie, the world’s first portable, ultra-fast, and modular charging system. Since the charging systems are compact, they can be delivered to an EV owner on-demand via service companies. SparkCharge also launched the Currently Network creating the world’s first mobile, on-demand charging platform. Currently gives electric vehicle owners the freedom to have their cars charged ultra-fast, anywhere with the push of a button. Our solutions are scalable, end range anxiety and will grow the electric vehicle charging infrastructure faster at a fraction of the cost.